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Beijing Hospital of TCM

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  Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which was established in 1956, is the only municipal comprehensive and modernized triple-A level hospital. It has undertaken the duty of TCM medical practice, teaching, scientific research and disease prevention. The hospital has the Beijing Research Institute of TCM, Beijing Research Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, Beijing International Training Center of Acupuncture and Moxibustion and Zhaobingnan Medical Treatment Center of Dermatosis. It is the Clinical Medical College of the Capital Medical University, Teaching Hospital of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and Standardized Training Base of Resident Physicians (general practitioners) of TCM in Beijing. At present, Beijing Hospital of TCM has been evaluated as the base of Preventive Treatment Center, TCM International Cooperation Base, TCM Emergency Clinical Base, Promotion Base of Appropriate TCM Technology, Standardized Research and Promotion Base of TCM, National Demonstration Unit of TCM Hospital Information Technology by the State Administration of TCM. The hospital is an A-level medical insurance designated hospital with its payments going through without any audit in Beijing.

  The hospital covers an area of 27,000 square meters. The total construction area of the hospital is 53,000 square meters with 565 beds. The average daily outpatient number is more than 8,000 people. The hospital has more than 70 TCM specialized treatment clinics, which carry out 89 TCM treatment technology projects with nearly 30 kinds of major medical equipments. There are 1260 staffs working in the hospital, including 1 national medical master, 32 national famous senior TCM doctors, 19 municipal famous senior TCM doctors and 8 national excellent TCM clinical professionals. There are 2 doctors enjoying the special government allowances, 3 municipal candidates of the Beijing New Century Engineering, 13 talented person of the Beijing health system in “Tens-Hundreds-Thousands Talent Project”, 8 high-level health technical personnel of Beijing health system and 47 Beijing Chinese medicine personnel (125 Program).

  The hospital has 4 clinical diagnosis and treatment centers which are the Zhaobingnan Medical Treatment Center of Dermatosis, Spleen-stomach Disease Center, Oncology Treatment Center and the Acupuncture Center. It also has 7 TCM diagnosis and treatment centers in Beijing, including the TCM Dermatology Center, TCM Cardiovascular Center, Spleen-stomach Disease Center, Acupuncture Center, TCM Pediatric Center, TCM Gynecologic Center, and the TCM Prevention Center. The hospital has 32 clinical departments. It also has more than 70 TCM specialized treatment clinics, including hepatitis, rheumatism, psoriasis, lupus, eczema, sores, peripheral vascular disease, breast diseases, breast cancer, lung cancer, Sjogren’s syndrome, osteoporosis, infertility, gastroesophageal reflux disease, constipation, and etc. The hospital is in the leading level of TCM diagnosis and treatment of many types of diseases in the world. The hospital has paid close attention to the construction of specialties and disciplines, the development of a well-known hospital, famous departments and well-known doctors. Currently, the hospital has 8 key disciplines of the State Administration of TCM, 5 key disciplines in Beijing, 8 key specialties of the Ministry of Health, 13 key specialties of the State Administration of TCM.

  The hospital has 7 medical supporting departments, which include the Clinical Laboratory, Radiology Department, Nuclear Medicine Department, Ultrasound Diagnosis Department, Pathology Department, Nutrition Department, and the Blood Transfusion Department. The hospital consists 5 second-class sections, which are the Endoscope Room, Bronchoscopy Room, ECG Room, Lung Function Room, and Sleep Apnea Monitor Room. It has nearly 30 kinds of major medical equipments, which include MRI, CT, ECT, DSA ​​vascular machine, large-scale fully automated analyzer, color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and other modern medical equipments. The pharmacy for Chinese medicine has nearly 600 species of herbs. The hospital-made preparations are based on the proved secret recipes of senior famous TCM doctors and scientific research results. A total of 192 hospital preparations have been approved. There are 164 kinds of TCM preparations in the form of pills, powder, cream, drug-soaked gauze, tincture or oil solutions and so on. There are more than 70 kinds of commonly used clinical preparations.

  The hospital is responsible for the teaching and training of undergraduate students, graduate students, and doctoral degree students. The hospital has 11 TCM specialist departments and 8 interdisciplinary master degree training stations. Beijing Hospital of TCM has 5 doctoral tutors, 38 master instructors and 36 professors and associate professors. The construction of specialized department and development of specialists in the hospital have been promoted by the improvement of science and technology. A total of 175 awards have been achieved. There are 73 research awards of provincial level or above.

  Beijing International Training Center of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of the hospital has training courses on TCM, acupuncture and Tuina-massage. The center has trained several thousands of TCM practitioners and acupuncturists around the world. Nearly 40,000 people from more than 80 countries came to the hospital to visit, study or for academic exchanges. In recent years, the hospital has undertaken the national technical aid projects. Multi-terms of international training on Chinese medicine health care and traditional medicine management have been organized. The hospital also sends experts and scholars to visit, attend training, give lectures, consultation and academic exchanges globally to promote the international impacts of TCM and enhance the friendship between China and other countries.

  The hospital earnestly implements the scientific concept of development, adheres to the public positive direction and continuously improves service capabilities. The hospital has made ​​outstanding contributions in the prevention and treatment of SARS, earthquake relief and the fight against influenza, support public welfare undertakings such as Xinjiang and Tibet, which have gained full recognition from their superiors and the community. The hospital has received the honorary title of the “Capital Unit of Spiritual Civilization” for ten years and the honorary title of the “National Medical and Health System Advanced Group” as well as the “People’s Satisfaction Hospital” and other series of honorary titles. In 2010, the Chinese Hospital Association awarded the “Outstanding Achievement Award of the National Hospital Culture” to the Beijing Hospital of TCM. The hospital has rich cultural heritage and skills with many famous doctors. It is highly recognized by the citizenry, which has become the backbone of TCM services in the area and the cradle of young TCM practitioners.

  Beijing Hospital of T.C.M Affiliated to Capital University of Medicine Sciences

  Brief Introduction to International Communication and Training Center.

  Since the 1970s, Beijing Hospital of T.C.M has received many international guests who come to study T.C.M, Acupuncture and Moxibustion. With the permission of Beijing Science and Technical Commission, Beijing International Training Class of Acupuncture and Moxibustion was founded. Along with the carrying out of the Reform and Opening-Up Policy, more and more foreigners are coming to this hospital to study T.C.M. This International Communication and Training Center was formed on the basis of the training class, in order to improve the quality of the course. The center is responsible for organizing foreign students’ exchange, teaching of T.C.M, arranging for visits to tourist resort places, as well as the general running of the course, e.g.: arranging the schedule, etc.

  With the great technical support from Beijing Hospital of T.C.M, and Beijing Research Institute of T.C.M, the Center has held many kinds of training courses, such as Acupuncture and Moxibustion, T.C.M Tuina, T.C.M Healthcare, Chinese Medicated Diet, T.C.M Cosmetology, Management in T.C.M, Application of Pattern T.C.M, etc. In 2003, the Center undertook the project of Chinese overseas aid on technical training, so far, thousands of foreign physicians of T.C.M and Acupuncture from about 100 countries and areas have been trained here.

  The Center is honored to participate in introducing Traditional Chinese Culture to overseas through Beijing Government; many international leaders have been hosted by the Center through the efforts of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Through provisions of specialists for consultations, lectures, examinations, and communications, the Center has facilitated the spread of T.C.M knowledge globally as well as strengthening the relations between China and other countries. Until now, the Center has received more than 30,000 visitors.

  The Center contributed to assist in the spread of T.C.M knowledge throughout the world and invites people world-wide to participate in the T.C.M training course, regardless of professional affiliation.

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